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Praise for the “Co-authored Self” 

“In this engaging and disarmingly profound book, Kate McLean shows how the stories of our own lives are not really our own. We share authorship of our identities with our parents, friends, siblings, and the storytelling culture that envelops us. McLean combines the keen analytic skills of a behavioral scientist with a powerful empathy for the stories of her research subjects, whose voices are indeed the insightful co-authors of this illuminating volume.” —Dan P. McAdams, PhD, The Henry Wade Rogers Professor of Psychology, Northwestern University

“In this insightful book, McLean weaves a compelling story about stories as the very air we breathe. Through sharing her research and her own personal stories, she describes how individuals are steeped in stories, embedded in layers of family and cultural storytelling in ways that help individuals create their own identities through narrative. Narrative identities are simultaneously unique and communal, at the interface of the self and the world. As McLean states, ‘we inhabit a world of stories,’ and these stories are us.” —Robyn Fivush, PhD, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology and Associate Vice-Provost for Academic Innovation, Emory University

“This book is one of the most original, exciting advances in the study of narrative identity and self-development that I have ever seen. The study of self and human development is steeped in an overly individualistic view of personhood. As this book so clearly showcases, the field of psychology has amassed plenty of data to show that the development of self-identity is not a solely individual endeavor. Yet the field as a whole has not yet got the memo. This book is that memo. And by ‘memo’ I mean assumption-shattering statement of how personhood unfolds.” —Jack Bauer, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Dayton

Praise for the “The Handbook of Identity Development”


“How fitting that the Oxford Handbook of Identity Development came about to bring more coherence to a field which itself studies coherence. Editors McLean and Syed and their talented authors accomplished their goal of shaking up the field by focusing on controversies and challenges rather than by rehashing what is already known. Each section of the Handbook is like a banquet for identity scholars; each course of the meal involves contrasting and complementary flavors.  By the end of the banquet we are satisfied, yet stimulated to ponder the next set of debates, looking forward rather than back.”–Harold D. Grotevant, PhD, Rudd Family Foundation Chair in Psychology, University of Massachusetts Amherst



McLean, K. C. (2015). The Co-authored Self: Family Stories and the Construction of Personal Identity. New York: Oxford University Press.

Journal Articles

Weststrate, N. M., Ferrari, M., Fournier, M. A., & McLean, K. C. (2018). “It was the best worst day of my life”: Narrative content, structure, and process in wisdom-fostering life event memories. The Journals of Gerontology, Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences.

Panattoni, K., & McLean, K. C. (in press). The Curious Case of the Coding and Self-Ratings Mismatches: A Methodological and Theoretical Detective Story. Imagination, Cognition, and Personality.

McLean, K. C., Lilgendahl, J. P., Fordham, C., Alpert, L., Marsden, E., & Szymanowski, K., & McAdams, P. (in press). Master Identity Development in Cultural Context: The Role of Deviating from Master Narratives. Journal of Personality.

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Book Chapters

McLean, K. C. (2017). And the Story Evolves: The Development of Personal Narratives and Narrative Identity (pp. 325 – 338). In J. Specht (Ed.), Personality Development Across the Lifespan. Elsevier.

Dys, S. B., Schellenberg, E. G., & McLean, K. C. (2017). Musical Identities, Music Preferences, and Individual Differences (pp. 247 -266). In R. MacDonald, D. Miell, and D. Hargreaves (Eds)., Musical Identities, 2nd Edition. New York: Oxford University Press.

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Edited Works

McLean, K. C., & Syed, M. (Eds.), (2014).  The Oxford Handbook of Identity Development. New York: Oxford University Press.

Greenhoot, A. G. & McLean, K. C. (Eds.), (2013). Memory: Special Issue on the Costs and Benefits of Finding Meaning in the Past.

McLean, K. C., & Pasupathi, M. (Eds.), (2010). Memory: Special Issue on Silence and Memory.

McLean, K. C., & Pasupathi, M. (Eds.), (2010). Narrative Development in Adolescence: Creating the Storied Self. New York, NY: Springer.


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